Benefits and Values Selection


There is a curb ramp from the parking onto the sidewalk. The entrance well-lit at night. The main entrance is accessible. The main entrance is not accessible, but there is an alternative accessible entrance. doors and door frames have good color contrast with surrounding wall
surfaces and floors. All objects on circulation paths through public areas, e.g. fire extinguishers, drinking fountains, signs, etc., protrude no more than 4 inches into the path. Controls (light switches, security and intercom systems, emergency/alarm boxes, etc.) be operated with one hand and without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. Washroom doors equipped with an automatic or push-button opener. Washrooms are large enough to accommodate people who use scooters and power wheelchairs. Someone using a wheelchair or a scooter can reach the faucets and turn the water on using one hand

Charity And Community

Paid time off to partispate in carity events. We give to charity. We sponsor community events. Give opportunities to participate in community or charity events. We are part of The Upside Foundation.

Commute and Parking

Parking is expensable. We are close to public transpiration. To and from work transpiration is provided. Free parking in building. Paid parking provided. Bike racks. Parking is subsidized. Transpiration is subsidized.


We pay for continuing education. Education expense account. Reimbursed for approved courses or classes. We bring in trainers. Lunch & Learns. Hackathon days. We hire development coaches to work with employees. We have a training and development program.


We are an equal opportunity employer. We are working towards equal women to men representation amongst employees. We are working towards equal Women to Men representation in leadership roles. We have a social inclusion and diversity committee We have achieved equal Women to Men representation amongst employees. We have achieved equal Women to Men representation in leadership roles. We have an employee base of many ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. We offer social inclusion and diversity training or workshops. We support and facilitate religious needs (such as a prayer room). We support the hiring of people with mental disabilities. We support the needs of LGBTQIA identifying employees (such as gender neutral bathrooms or support self-directed use of bathrooms). We support workplace gender equality.

Family Friendly

“School’s out” care programs. Back-up child care. Backup child care support. Child care. Compassionate leave. Daycare services. Daycare onsite. Daycare reimbursement. Daycare subsidy. Discounted backup care for adults. Discounted backup care for children. Extracurricular activity Funds. Fertility benefits. Full maternity top-up. Full paternity top-up. housekeeping. Lactation Support. Maternity Concierge Services to help new parents balance their back to work transition. (meals, dry-cleaning or anything in between to help new parents keep on their path to leadership) Maternity leave top-up pay. Paid leave. Partial maternity yop-up. Partial Paternity top-up. Peer support groups for parents. Pet care. Senior care support. Short week schedule for new parents following parental leave. Shower Gifts or supplied for new parents. Senior care. Sleep trainers. Travel child care support or reimbursement for travel related childcare needs.

Financial Benefits

RRSP / 401K matching. Employee options or stock. Bonus opportunity. Tuition reimbursement. Pay off student loan debt. Credit assistance. Tax return assistance. Investment support. Personalized financial guidance. Give childcare discounts. Student loan assistance. Tuition assistance.


Freedom to adapt — the ability to step away from work to accommodate the unexpected. Location and hour variety — based out of a company office, but can work at a location of their choosing some of the time. Minimal travel — utilizing virtual meetings to minimize travel requirements. Paid days off for hackathons. Partially remote. Reduced workload — finding someone with the skills necessary to efficiently meet performance objectives on a reduced hours schedule. Totally remote. Unconventional hours — shifting the workday to optimize productivity and performance, such as avoiding rush hour commutes. work from home options. Work remotely sometimes

Food And Snacks

Breakfast provided daily. Breakfast provided weekly. Breakfast provided monthly. Lunch provided daily. Lunch provided weekly. Lunch provided monthly. Lunch is subsidized. Snacks provided. Coffee and drinks provided. Beer onsite. Cold brew. Weekly socials.

Games And Stress Relief

Video games. Pool. Ping-Pong. Shuffleboard. Board games.


LED lighting. Minimum to no plastic bottle usage. We have recycling and composting reuse. We supply sustainably sourced food and beverages. We use green vendors.

Health And Wellness

Company sport league(s). Employee assistance programs. Fitness classes. Fitness membership. Lunch and healthy snacks. Massage therapy. Nap room. On-site fitness center. Smoking cessation programs. Wellness challenges. Yoga or Meditation classes. Yoga or Meditation room.


Dental coverage. Comprehensive health coverage. Drug plan. Eye care. Naturopathic & alternative treatment coverage. Basic healthcare coverage. Employee benefits spending account.


We have a formal leadership program. We have a leadership team. Leadership programs are open to all.


Leadership training. Mentorship program with senior managers. New hire mentorship program. Paired programming for engineers. Peer to peer mentorship program. Under-represented employee mentoring program. We have a mentorship program.

Pet Friendly

We welcome all pets. We welcome all dogs. Small dog friendly. Hypoallergenic dog friendly. We wecome cats. We welcome well trained pets. Pet bereavement leave. Pet food provided. Pet friendly yard. Pet play area. Pets are welcome on set days. Pets are welcome under special circumstances. We have a pet mascot.

Team Activities And Social

Weekly team socials. Company or team retreats. Team bonding events. Game nights.


Transparency is part of the company policy. We hold an “ask me anything” session with leadership. We always have a “why” when we make decisions to help create an open environment for discussion. We confront difficult situations. We encourage employees to use ‘social-media-like’ communication channels to easily share information. WE encourage leaders to communicate with the entire organization through ‘town hall meetings’, and similar. We hold short daily meetings (stand-ups) where team members share what they are doing, and where they need help. We involve employees form various departments and levels in decision making. We make financial performance transparent. We make goals, activities and team progress visible on the walls. We make SALARIES and bonuses transparent. We make sure that teams (and their members) have access to their performance data. We organize ‘commitment meetings’ regularly. This is when all agree what will happen in each team, and what outcomes they commit to. We provide employees access to information that is not open to the public. We support an open-by-default policy to ensures as many as possible have access to information. We make our financials transparent to show how the company works.


2 weeks. 3 weeks. 4 weeks. 5 weeks. 6 weeks. 7 weeks. Unlimited Vacation. Additional paid sick days.

Women Empowerment

We support women in tech. Woman mentorship program. We have a 1:1 or higher leadership ratio. We support females in developing countries.

Open Source

Inhouse open source team. Paid time off to work on your projects. We support your open source efforts. We want to get more into open source.