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future opportunities

Today’s top talent put “company fit” ahead of “the job” but getting an inside look to your team dynamic is more challenging than ever. Your Culture CV helps you promote your employer brand and engage the right people.

Your Culture CV is your easy to manage channel for all things relevant to your employer brand, and we make it easy to capture new employee and role insights with JobVibes tools. 

Giving talent one place to get key insights about your values, motivations, and roles will engage passive talent, better applicants, and free-up time for meaningful interview discussion and evaluation. 

This is your social career page that evolves alongside your company and tells your employer story.

We want exploring companies to be an everyday thing.

Our mission is to virtually open the door to the +300,000 tech companies in North America - starting at home. CultureVibes makes it easy for any size or stage organization to have a career page. Content can be managed from any device, gathering team and role insights through JobVibes is painless, and since the platform floats above HR systems, hiring managers and HR can work together to attract and identify talent. 

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