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Heather Page 

Toronto, Ontario Canada 

MBA - Entrepreneurship and marketing 

Schulich School of Business at York University

I'm in my final semester (finishing end of July 2020)

Project availability: 4 hours per week

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What is your favorite class? 

So far my favourite class has been a mentorship placement at Willful because it helped me get some real-world experience and build my local network. I've also loved all my organizational behaviour classes because I'm passionate about how to create great experiences for people.

What type of company would you want to work with?  

I'm looking to work at a tech company with less than 100 employees... very interested in small teams where you can get to know everyone and easily collaborate across functions

What type of project(s)  do you want to work on? 

Anything to do with customer experience design or evaluation

Three words to describe yourself.

Outgoing, Curious, Dedicated

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