Meet Willful's Founder & CEO - Kevin Oulds & Erin Bury.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Willful is a Toronto start-up that has already positively impacted the lives of thousands of Canadians. The platform is sleek, but its solid founding team has undoubtedly contributed to its quick success and great reputation.

The company was founded by Kevin Oulds after a series of life altering events that made him realize first hand the huge burden left on surviving family members when a loved one passes without having a will. "Willful is the tool I wish existed when my family went through an unexpected loss." Their mission is to use technology to provide simplified end-of-life planning. Willful makes getting your affairs in order affordable, convenient, and easy.

Let's #GetToKnowTech

The following clips are from my chat with the husband and wife duo Kevin Oulds - Founder & Erin Bury - Co-Founder and CEO. We explore how they developed the company's culture, values and officevibe, as well as the steps that they've implemented to help them scale and come together as a team during this pandemic.

Question: Let's start by talking about new office that you just settled into and is now sitting vacant.

Question: Did you have any sort of a plan asto how you wanted to build the officevibe and work environment?

Question: What part did the team play in creating your inclusive office culture?

Question: How did you handle shifting to a remote workplace during your biggest growth influx as a company and onboarding new team members?

Question: For such an early stage company, it seems like you already had your missions and values ingrained within the foundation. Did you define these, or did you sit down with your team to set them?

Question: You're already making a positive impact and we (CultureVibes) want to help you scale and get your vibe and story out in anyway that we can. I know that you're hiring ... is there anything else that you want to share?

Learn about roles, hear from their team, checkout their office and more -

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