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Discover companies that fit your vibe.

CultureVibes is for people who want more than a job. Find the teams you want to be a part of and get on their radar - before they hire.

No resume needed!


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Be proactive, let them know you're interested

Often employers don't know who their looking for until they meet the right person. Likewise, you might not know exactly what you want next or when you'll make a move. So instead of relying on a recruiter to find you or a network connection, let's start introducing you to the companies you want to join, co-found or invest in next.

CultureVibes helps you find innovative tech companies that align with your culture, interests and values.

We want exploring companies to be an enjoyable everyday thing, so that you have the insight and connections you need - before you need them... Learn more

Look beyond skill sets.

Your resume is a 1990s-style snapshot of your work history.

Enhance your profile with a video CoverLetter or intro to get ahead of outdated HR processes and just introduce yourself... Learn more

​Identifying companies that align with your interests and values is hard. 


tech companies in Canada & US

Knowing when a company you love has a relevant jobs is unlikely.   


of jobs aren't posted

Most of us are open to the right opportunity but hate spam. 


of us are "passive talent"