A degree alone won't get you a job – you also need experience

TaskFlips matches students to short projects with real companies. You get experience to add your resume and make valuable career connections

Are you in BSTEM or a related program?

Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Getting your foot in the door can be difficult, so we're building a network to help give you - driven students the edge you need to launch your career.

Companies have projects they need help with and you have new knowledge that you want to put into practice.


TaskFlips matches you to short term projects to help get you relevant experience and connections - before you graduate.

Are you a Company?

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  • Work on real projects.  

  • Get practical work experience.

  • Make professional connections.

  • Demonstrate and  build on employable skills.

  • Get exposure to new organizations and roles.

  • Access jobs, co-ops and mentorships.

  • Get shareable feedback on your work.


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