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CultureVibes is your social career page built to promote your employer brand and pipeline talent who are interested in your future opportunities. 

Your Culture CV is where you share employee content, speak to potential candidates, and get real about your vision, values, and what it takes to make the team. 

We make it easy for you to get key information in front of talent and build a following of people who “get you” and want to be a part of it - before you need to hire.


  • Update on the fly - no code or technical skills required. 

  • Easy integration of existing career pages. 

  • Hiring managers and HR can work together to identify candidates. 

  • Separate your corporate and employer brands. 

  • Shave hours off interviews by giving people key cultural insights now. 

  • Stay top of mind to passive talent thinking about their next move. 

Today’s top talent are open to the right next move but they put “company fit” ahead of “the job”, and getting an inside look to your team dynamic is more challenging than ever.